Help us to build the Metal Bible application

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Dear friends, dear intercessors,

Metal Mission, our association dedicated to evangelization in the rock and metal scene, needs your support to realize a game-changing project: the Metal Bible app!

Indeed, the Lord is guiding us towards the digital realm, and we joyfully envision all the new opportunities ahead of us to share the Word of God in this scene that we hold dear. Where previously, every year, we conducted fundraisers to purchase Metal Bibles and distribute them, we now aim to develop an app that could be distributed infinitely! This also offers the possibility in the future to work on multiple festivals per year without logistical concerns about transporting and storing Bibles (1000 Bibles = approximately 200 kgs).

🔥 What is the Metal Bible app?

If you’ve been following us in recent years, in simple terms, we want to digitize the Metal Bible. Imagine the Metal Bible being accessible to our metalhead friends directly from the usual app stores. The Metal Bible will be more than just a Bible reading app. It will include inspiring testimonies from Christian artists in the metal scene, relevant articles on faith and metal, and a discovery guide for those seeking to understand the message of the Gospel. All of this in a visual and aesthetic that resonates with the scene to make it more relevant.

🤝 How can you help us?

Make a donation, according to what God lays on your heart, to support our project. Share this campaign with your friends, family, and church! We’d love to see a snowball effect 🙂 Join our community and follow our journey on social media to stay informed about progress and news. Of course, all members of Metal Mission also need your prayers.

🌟 Together, we can create a powerful tool that touches hearts and souls throughout the metal world. Join us in this mission! 🌟

Thank you for your support and commitment to the Gospel, Metal Mission, and our vision of sharing God’s love in this scene.

💰 Fundraising Goal: 12,000 euros. This amount will enable us to bring our vision for the Metal-Bible app to life. Here are the stages for which we need your help:

  1. Word of God (€6,000): This is the foundation. It involves adapting the Bible into an app with heavy metal aesthetics, providing a unique reading experience. 
  2. Discovery Guide (€2,000): Based on our experience, we believe it’s essential to accompany those unfamiliar with the message of the Bible through a tailored journey, targeting certain key texts and offering questions to aid reflection. 
  3. Internationalization (€2,000): This is our dream – to collaborate with fellow brothers and sisters doing similar work in other countries, and to have the Bible available for those we meet at festivals who aren’t French speakers (and there are quite a few!). 
  4. Additional Content (€2,000): This presents a fantastic opportunity to feature inspiring testimonies and articles that establish a connection between metal and the Christian faith directly within the app.

Metal Mission, what is it?

It’s about twenty enthusiasts working on three fronts:

  • Evangelizing metalheads, 
  • Communicating with churches for a welcoming attitude towards metalheads, 
  • The spiritual growth of all those who attend the association.


Jean-Daniel est metal missionnaire, il gère la partie organisation de Metal Mission. Il est également étudiant à l'Institut Biblique de Genève.